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EMU IEEE Robotics Team Wins Robotex 2018

EMU IEEE Robotics Team Wins Robotex 2018
Published Date: Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Eastern Mediterranean University, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Institute’s Student Branch (EMU-IEEE) won first place at the “Robotex International 2018” Competition, held in Tallinn, Estonia.

Pride of EMU

Electrical and Electronics, Software Systems and Mechatronics Engineering students Hüseyin Çeçe, Shehabeldin E. M. Housein, Farhang Naderi, Burak Özarslan and Yazan M.A.L. Abuaisha were supervised by EMU Faculty of Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Chair Prof. Dr. Hasan Demirel during their preparation phase for the competition. The EMU IEEE Student Branch Robotics Team became the pride of EMU by winning the first place with their mind-controlled robot named ‘EMU Crow’.

The Only Team to Complete the Competition

Robotex, the biggest robotics competition in the world, was held this year in Estonia’s capital Tallinn for its 18th time. During this year’s robotics competition, there was a record-breaking participation of 1750 robots, 35.000 competitors, over 100 companies and 4000 engineers. The competition was held in 25 different categories. The EMU IEEE Student Branch had been preparing and designing ‘EMU Crow’ for the last year and became the only team managing to finish the competition within the standard 2 minutes. In Mind Controlled Robotics competitions, the robots are controlled with brain waves detected by sensors placed on the forehead area. The detected electronic signals are transmitted to a computer via Bluetooth. Here, the signals are processed and transmitted to the robot via Wi-Fi Wireless Networking; allowing the robot to move. The competitor wearing the sensor receiver must concentrate and focus since these factors are essential for accurate classification of the signals.

Prof. Dr. Demirel included the following in his statement: “EMU Robotics Team, consisting of students and academicians, has once again proven what they are capable of achieving when provided with the necessary support and facilities. EMU Management, a supporter of similar organisations and projects, deems this result as a great step. EMU’s participation in such organisations and projects will increasingly continue in the international arena.

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